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AptArt Salon follows A View From The Cloud art and innovation program at the United Nations Church Center

The opening of the AptArt Salon at Streaming Museum's studio in the Financial District NYC, May 24 to September 1, was attended by art professionals, friends and supporters of Streaming Museum. The salon follows the May 17 A View From The Cloud program at the United Nations Church Center produced by Streaming Museum and World Council of Peoples for the United Nations.

Dr. Emile Bruneau, neuroscientist

Guest speaker Astronaut Nicole Stott, front right

Within a setting of art, the UN program brought together innovators from across fields to examine how art and technology sharpen how we see the world, and create solutions to help achieve humanitarian and the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.

The Magnificent Exploiter, 2016, Federico Solmi 
Dimension 24x36, Acrylic, gold leaf on plexiglass, Led tv,
video loop min 2.00

Produced with Nina Zaretskaya, Founder of TV Gallery Moscow, the salon at Streaming Museum's studio is inspired by the “AptArt” exhibitions of Nonconformist artists in 1970-80s USSR. The art is available for sale to support Streaming Museum's international programs and artists, modeled on Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s method for funding their arts projects through art sales.

L-R: IAMI by Ligorano/Reese; Two Laments (Canto 10, Canto 3) 2015 by Monika Weiss; Nude Emerald 2009 by Anton Perich; Butterfly Microstructures Collection, 2015 and Reliquary of Timothy Leary 2003 & 2017, Kate Specter

On view at the salon are artworks by AES+F, Alice Arnold, Maurice Benayoun, David Bates, Jr., Elias Crespin and Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi, Ronan Devlin, Massimiliano Fusari, Michelle Jaffe, Claire Jervert, LigoranoReese, Eduardo Kac, Michael Najjar, Anton Perich, Shuli Sade, Federico Solmi, Kate Specter, Monika Weiss. Sound art by Bernie Krause, Annea Lockwood, Francisco Lopez.

A portfolio of Investment art is also on view, including art by John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Gunther Forg, Sol LeWitt, Rene Magritte, Louise Nevelson, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, and many others are available.

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