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Mark Amerika "8-Bit Heaven (Carioca 12)" 2016

Mark Amerika "8-Bit Heaven (Carioca 12)" 2016

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40" W X 26.5" L
Edition of 10 with 2 A.P.
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While making his UK-commissioned artwork Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, Amerika's "8-Bit Heaven" series of images were composed by capturing and manipulating street view imagery off of the Internet through an 8-bit filter. The resulting street images are reminiscent of old video games that remix the look and feel of past computer animation imagery with contemporary scenes from street life in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and London. In the "8-Bit Heaven" series, Amerika is able to show us how retro-aesthetics can become fashionable again while inventing a new form of image making he refers to as "Internet photography." Some of these images have previously been exhibited at Amerika's gallery shows in London, Honolulu and Denver.

Over the course of three decades, Mark Amerika is best known for creating Internet and video narratives that explore the relationship between digital images, electronic forms of writing, and sound art. Amerika uses his background as a published novelist and filmmaker to create works of art that function as literary and philosophical commentaries on digital pop culture and technology. Among his most well known pieces is GRAMMATRON, one of the first works of Internet art selected for the 2000 Whitney Biennial of American Art. His new media artwork, FILMTEXT, was originally commissioned by the ICA in London as part of his retrospective exhibition, How To Be An Internet Artist. His work Immobilité was the first long-form work of video art shot entirely on a mobile phone and was included in his mid-career retrospective at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. In his recent work, such as Lake Como RemixAmerika explores the formal properties of the Internet as a space for what he terms “glitch aesthetics.”


"8-Bit Heaven (Carioca 17)" 2016

"8-Bit Heaven (Carioca 15)" 2016

"Lake Como Remix" 2012

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