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Commission Your Mindfile with Terasem Foundation

Commission Your Mindfile with Terasem Foundation

This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

Custom Curated “Mindfile” 

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving For Generations To Come

Participate in the LifeNaut Project, a multi-decade experiment in “mind uploading” by creating a customized “Mindfile” that allows you to create a digital Avatar based on your personality and also create a digital archive of your memories, beliefs, values, attitudes and life experiences for future generations to enjoy and learn from.  

Premium Donors, who support the Terasem Movement Foundation, a registered US 501(c)3 tax deductible charity, are eligible for an individually curated “Mindfile” by Managing Director, Bruce Duncan. As each Mindfile created is a unique piece of “technological personal art” final cost and time commitment necessary are negotiated with a starting donation of $10,000.

Meet Bina48 in the National Geographic’s “Story of God” with Morgan Freeman:

Bina48 is the Terasem Movement Foundations’ current android “ambassador” for the concept of capturing, preserving and transferring a person’s unique personality information in a “Mindfile” to another form such as a computer, avatar and in her case a robot.

She was created by *David Hanson of Hanson Robotics working in collaboration with the Terasem Movement Foundation, was commissioned by Dr. Martine Rothblatt, BioTech CEO (United Therapeutics), Entrepreneur (SIRIUS Satellite Radio) and Author (Virtually Human) and founder of the Terasem Movement Foundation.

Bina48’s current capabilities include: Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Text to Speech, Facial Expressions, Head and Eye movement, Motion Tracking,Internet Connectivity and Social Conversational interaction. Commissioning a custom curated “mindfile” includes a one on one meeting with Bina48.

* Collectors can also commission Hanson Robotics to create a humanoid robot in their own likeness. Read more.

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