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Commission Your Fiber Optic Data Tapestry - "IAMI" by LigoranoReese

Commission Your Fiber Optic Data Tapestry - "IAMI" by LigoranoReese


This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

Medium, size: Woven fiber optic thread, plexiglass, brass and aluminum frame, MacMini, Internet, custom electronics and custom software, 38 x 23 inches framed

Process: Collector inputs data using Fitbit and Aria scale and answers a self-reporting survey sms’d three times per day monitoring their wellbeing over a 2 or 4 week sitting session. On completion of the sketch, LigoranoReese commit the data to a continually changing portrait of woven light.

LigoranoReese, the collaborative team of Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese, designed and invented the fiber optic data tapestry, after almost 10 years research with weavers, hardware and software engineers. The Fiber Optic Data Tapestry is an art form about networking, communication, and society. The project started from the idea that weaving is a social activity shared throughout the world’s cultures.  


IAMI exhibitions: Code and Noise, Currents, Sante Fe, New Mexico, 2016; Code and Noise, Silicon Valley Fair, 2015; Mankind/Machinekind, Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna 2015; Catharine Clark Gallery 2014, San Francisco, California; Miami Art Project, Miami, Florida 2013.
IAMI collections: 21C Museum, University of Wyoming Art Museum, private collector

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese rethink traditional art forms investigating the impact of technology on art with new materials and processes. Their latest new media sculptures, illuminated woven fiber optic data tapestries, weave light based on real time data to form a picture of a world usually not seen.  The fiber optic data tapestries are an art form about networking, communication, and society. 

Their body of work is multidisciplinary and spans limited edition multiples, videos, sculptures, and installations. For the artists the idea informs the medium, employing a broad array of strategies and approaches to their art making.

Recent public installations include The American Dream Project (2016) in Cleveland and Philadelphia during the Republican and Democratic Conventions and Dawn of the Anthropocene (2014) in New York City. LigoranoReese’s work can be found in the permanent collections of numerous institutions, including SFMOMA, The New York Public Library, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Getty Institute. LigoranoReese live and work in Brooklyn, New York and have been affiliated with Catharine Clark Gallery since 2010.

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