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Alice Arnold "Street Art in Havana" 2016

Alice Arnold "Street Art in Havana" 2016

This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

archival digital c-print
8x10 paper size with 6x8 image size
$150 one print (unframed)
$500 portfolio of 4 prints (unframed)

"Oldsmobile & flag"
"Neptune Street"

"Two chairs and a portrait"

On a trip to Cuba in December 2016 shortly after the death of Fidel Castro, Alice Arnold went in search of street art in Havana, to see what the “pictures on the walls” were transmitting about the state of political and economic change in Cuba.

Street art is a very immediate form of public expression. For the passersby who see it, it can offer a little jolt, a tug, away from mundane commutes and or tuned out states of consciousness. Encounters with street art can sharpen our insight into a place – and to people, whose voices are often underrepresented in the mass media channels of newspapers, network television and prime time radio. 

Alice Arnold is a photographer, documentary filmmaker and an educator. Her photographs have been widely published and she is the recipient of a NYFA Photography Fellowship for her work examining urban cultural forms and experiences. Arnold’s documentary films, which focus on public space and urban environments, are in the collections of university libraries throughout the United States and have screened at MoMA and other festivals. She is a Fulbright Fellow (2007) and teaches media and design at the City University of New York.

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