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Commission Your Logo Portrait by Claire Jervert

Commission Your Logo Portrait by Claire Jervert


This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

The Branding series
Acrylic on canvas
24" x 24" (unframed)
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Featured commissions:
Artist couple: (left) "Lush" 2014, (center) "Tokyo Shock" 2014 - $3000 ea.
Hedge funder / surfer: (right) "Black Scholes" 2013 - $8000

The Branding series is an art project of commissioned painted portraits created from the assemblage of numerous brands of products and services used by the individual subject. Jervert’s portraits use the techniques of traditional sign painting. The bright, colorful logos briskly traverse a deep virtual space suggesting both the forms of modern electronic advertising and the saturation of the contemporary urban landscape and mind. This blizzard of branded commodities reflect the use of specific brands to both express an individual's desired social image and shape their own identity. 

The process for creating a portrait begins with the subject providing the artist with a list of several dozen names of the brands of products / services they use (usually ranging from 75 to 200), from which the composition of the portrait is developed.

Claire Jervert is a painter, digital artist and sculptor who creates portraits (often combining mediums) which signify technology and communication’s intersection with contemporary and future culture.  In the NY Times, William Zimmer described her Sky series, which incorporates digital processes, as related to surrealism, edifying banality, and that “the resultant paintings are beautiful.” Jervert’s Android Portraits, developed through ongoing research and interaction with humanoid robots and their creators, subvert portraiture's traditional mission of ennobling the human, while stirring contemplation of a possible future of humanity.  In the Branding series, hundreds of hand-painted logos float blizzard-like in a black void and function as pictographic portraits of persons whose lives tap into the culture of social media, where identities cross into the realm of personal branded advertising.  Jervert has exhibited in the United States and internationally, including the Flag Art Foundation, Newark Museum, Chelsea Art Museum, White Columns NY, Steffany Martz Gallery NY, La Paternal, Argentina, and on urban screens in Melbourne, Milan and Dubai. Her work is included in private collections in the US and Europe.


"Sophia" 2016

"Geminoid H-1" 2015

"DK" 2014

"BINA48" 2015

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