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Eduardo Kac "Lagoglyphs: The Bunny Variations" 2007

Eduardo Kac "Lagoglyphs: The Bunny Variations" 2007


This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

12 unique silkscreen prints available
15.7" x 21.2" (40 x 54 cm) each
Edition of 50
The first 20 sets of 12 prints come in a custom-made box with an exclusive silkscreen image on the front and an additional information page

US$ 1.000,00 each 
US$ 8.000,00 
for the set of 12 prints

The Lagoglyphs (2007-2009) series of artworks reference and expand upon Kac’s controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny (2000). 

Over the past three decades, Eduardo Kac has redefined avant-garde. Kac says,”This sense of inquiry upon the world…as well as the freedom to invent new ones—poetry and philosophy—they have been the wheel that has turned my practice…from the very beginning.”

Lagoglyphs opened at the Streaming Museum on March 15, 2010, and traveled to public spaces, cultural centers and other venues on 7 continents.

Alba, the fluorescent bunny
"GFP Bunny" project was completed in February 2000 with the birth of "Alba" in Jouy-en-Josas, France

Eduardo Kac is internationally recognized as a pioneer in telepresence, bio art and telecommunications art in the pre-Web ‘80s. He combined telerobotics and living organisms with his "transgenic art” Genesis (1999), created GFP Bunny (2000) a fluorescent rabbit called Alba, and Natural History of the Enigma (2003-2008), a flower containing the artist's DNA in its red veins (winner of the 2009 Golden Nica Award). Among recent works are Lagoglyphs silk screens and real-time parametric endless animation based on Alba, and Osmobox, olfactory art that responds to the viewer by opening and releasing an aroma. Kac’s poetry and art expand the limits of locality, light, language, and life.

Kac's work is in permanent collection of Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Museum of Modern Art NY, Museum of Modern Art of Valencia, ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany, Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro, among others. He is widely published, exhibited and covered by the media internationally.


"Lagoglyphs Porcelain" 2011

"Lagoglyphs Animation" 2009

"Plantimal I-VI" 2006

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