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Marty St. James "Oneiric", 2001, no. 1 - no. 9

Marty St. James "Oneiric", 2001, no. 1 - no. 9

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Printed on Archival 300 g.s.m museum grade cotton fine art paper
30 inches x 22 inches  (760mm x  560mm)
Edition of 25
Signed with edition number by the artist
$1,200 each (unframed)   
$1,650 each (custom white wood frame)
$10,000 set of 9 prints (unframed)
$14,000 set of 9 prints (framed)

Single print of all 9 images
30 inches x 22 inches  (760mm x 560mm)
Edition of 25
Signed with edition number by the artist
$1,800 (unframed)
$2,250 (framed)

"Oneiric", 2001 is a work in four formats - 9 individual prints, a single print of 9, and 2 video installations. The video self-portrait uses 24 frames in a vertical timeline as an ephemeral visual poem of personal struggle to unbound and grasp a sense of existence. The portfolio includes 9 prints that can be framed and installed horizontally, bringing the eye to experience simultaneously the moments in between time.

Marty St. James is known as a pioneer of the video portrait, and works in a range of contemporary media including performance, photography, digital video and drawings. 

His best-known work is the The Swimmer, a multi-screen installation in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London. In 2000, his video work kids was presented in the benchmark exhibition with master artists from each year of the 20th century at National Portrait Gallery.

St James’ performative and sculptural video work acknowledges portraiture’s function as a ‘map’ of our relationship with ourselves and the wider world.

The intimate, human-focus of his art can be interpreted as a theoretical reflection of the contemporary person existing under the influence of modern technological systems that are affecting human consciousness both enabling and mutating the free flow of information and facilitating globalism. 

His exhibitions, collections and screenings have been included in the National Portrait Gallery and Tate (London), Pompidou Centre (Paris), Museum of Photography (Tokyo), National Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow), Chelsea Art Museum (New York City), Tigre Museum (Buenos Aires), Redtory (Beijing), Blink Gallery (Hong Kong) and AIP Gallery (Guangzhou). He has undertaken several international artist residencies including Russia, China, Australia and Antarctica.

For him art is a way of thinking in the visual rather than the making of a heroic statement or precious object. He is in tune with Bachelard’s notion that the embodiment of knowledge exists in the action of making, rather than in the object of the finished piece. His intention is to investigate “the stringing together of moments in frame type form to explore surface and time.”  Sue Hubbard,  Arts Critic The Independent Newspaper, London

READ HERE Marty St. James' story about his work as a performance artist and life as an artist. 


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