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Monika Weiss "Two Laments" 2015

Monika Weiss "Two Laments" 2015

This work is available upon request. Contact us for details.

"Two Laments (Canto 10)" 2015
"Two Laments (Canto 3)" 2015
Charcoal, graphite, dry pigment on paper 20” x 30”
Price upon request

For the past twenty years Monika Weiss’ multidisciplinary practice continues to explore relationships between body, history and collective memory. Her work has been exhibited in museums and institutions worldwide and published internationally. The artist often investigates the nature of time and memory and evokes ancient rituals of lamentation in response to issues of recent social and cultural history. Artist, composer and filmmaker, Weiss was educated first as a classical pianist. Her work is represented by Silas Von Morisse Gallery, New York and Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal.

Read more at Streaming Museum
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